Frequently asked questions

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Q I want to set up the program to just send the characters ABNJ as random blocks of letters, how can I do this?


A. Use a text editor to write a small file containing just those characters. Select the file and set the File mode to Random Characters from file. Go to the Options page and set the random group length to your preferred value. Tip: repeat the letters to emphasize them. For example, you want A to appear more often in the random groups of code so you would use AAABNJ in your text file.


Q The accuracy figure doesnt seem correct. How is accuracy measured in NuCode?


A Giving meaningful accuracy scores for text is not straightforward. For example, here is some text that NuCode sent:




Here is what the student typed in:



Simply comparing character for character would result in a score of zero for our poor student, even though she had only made one mistake. NuCode is rather kinder than this. It measures the minimum number of  single character insert and delete edit operations that are required to alter one piece of text into the other.


Q Why are the letters and numbers sent so fast? I cant keep up!


A It has been found that sending the characters at a very slow speed is not the best way to learn Morse code. It is better to learn the overall sound of the characters by sending them too fast for the student to be able to count the dits and dahs. To compensate for the faster speed the pauses between each letter are lengthened. Morse code sent like this is called Farnsworth code. Check that the overall character speed is around 5-6 WPM on the NuCode options page.


Q I wish that NuCode could (insert your wish here)


A NuCode was designed for one primary purpose. To help people get through the FCC 5WPM code test. If you have other requirements that can be met by NuTest then that is great. If not then have you checked out  NuMorse and NuMorse Pro? NuMorse is a flexible Morse code program that may have what you are looking for while NuMorse Pro has even more features. Both programs are available from

If you have an idea for a great feature that would enhance NuCode then please let me know. I may be able to add it.


Q All I need is to play some text files as code. I dont want all of the other stuff!


A Then simply select your text file and click on Play Code. All of the lesson features will be disabled if NuCode detects that the file is simple text. Of course, you can still control things such as code speed and what characters are sent.


Q Is there a feature for sending practice?


A No. Sending is MUCH easier then receiving code and almost anybody who can understand code at 5 WPM will be able to send at that speed without much trouble.


Q Ive finished the lessons. What now?


A Suggestions:

Hopefully, you will have already have arranged a date for your code test. If not then do it now!
Explore the other features of NuCode.
Listen to real Morse code transmissions on the ham bands. There are special code transmissions for code practice purposes. For example, amateur station W1AW has regular code practice transmissions.
Practice copying code with pencil/paper.
Best of all, try to get an experienced code operator to send you some code and arrange a simulated test.