Increase your copy speed

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If you have worked through the lessons and are aiming for the 5 WPM code test then your code copy speed should already be fine. However, you may have been learning the code using a different method and need to get to 5 WPM or perhaps you just want to be fluent in the code at higher speeds.


If you know some code but at a speed slower than 5 WPM then I suggest that you go through the lessons from the start. Your previous knowledge of the code may help or hinder you, depending on how you originally earned it.


Here are some suggestions for people wishing to go beyond the 5 WPM required by the test.


You can increase the code sending speed of any of the Lessons simply by going to the options page and using the speed sliders. If you have learned code at 5 WPM with extended character spaces then try adjusting the Stretch character pauses slider to the left to  make the code timing more like standard Morse code. By using the various code speed controls you can obtain code speeds of up to 20 WPM. Note that changes to a lesson are temporary and the speed will revert to the original lesson speed when you change lessons. To get around this you can either use your own text files or edit the lesson files (see command syntax ) to produce your required speed.


For the challenge of accelerated learning of higher speeds try the Auto speed group (see the Options topic for more information). With auto speed switched on NuCode will send code and gradually adjust the sending speed. You can use Auto speed with any of the lessons or with your own text files.