Learn Morse Code

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To start learning Morse code:


Open the first lesson file as follows:

Select the Play code page tab.

Click on the select file button.

Select file Intro.txt

Follow the instructions that will appear in the supplementary lesson window.


If you can complete all of the lessons then you will have learned the code!


The teaching method used in NuCode.


Visualization of “dots and dashes” is kept to a minimum in the NuCode training system because this dot dash counting leads to extra unnecessary mental steps which are guaranteed to slow down your progress and will have to be “unlearned” later. To avoid “dot and dash counting” the code characters in the lessons are sent at a speed equivalent to 15 WPM but the pauses between characters are set so that the overall speed is 6 WPM, which is slightly faster than the FCC code test. Right from the start you learn code at the correct speed for the test. Very quickly you will be copying real English words. Boring random letter groups are kept to a minimum in this course.


This is what you dont want:

Hear the code sound

Figure out what dots and dashes you just heard, maybe write them down.

In your minds eye imagine the dot/dash pattern and try to remember what letter it was.


This is what you do want:

Hear the code as a “sound pattern”, like you would remember a tune.

Recall the character that you associate with this sound.


The sound pattern association method lends itself to progressing far beyond the code test requirements. With more experience you could hear complete words as “sound patterns” with no need to “hear” the individual letters.