Paying for NuCode

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This trial copy of NuCode has been entrusted to you so that you can decide if it suits your needs. It is not free. If you find it useful then you must purchase the right to use it. As a reminder the Morse code sound will be cut off after a period of use. You can restore it by restarting the program. The allowed usage period will reduce as you continue to use the program.


In the licensed version the sound does not time out and this screen is not displayed.


On receipt of your license fee Nu-Ware will send your software key by email to convert NuCode to the licensed version. Here are some vendors who take NuCode orders, click on the underlined links to navigate to a vendor:






North Star Solutions


You can also order via the Nu-Ware website at:


Email and other contact addresses for Nu-Ware are at: