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This is the page where you will probably spend most time.


Here is a list of the controls and what they do. Remember, when you are working through the lessons you will not have to set any controls. This will be done for you.


Select file. Use this to select a text or lesson file to play as code, the selected file or lesson is displayed as the Current file.  While you are working through the lessons you will not need to use this feature much because the selection is automatically done for you. However, it can be used to select lessons “out of sequence” if you wish.


File Mode. This determines where the code is read from and how it is read. Here are the file mode options:


Sequential read from file. Reads the code source file from start to finish. What happens then is determined by the Stop code group on the Options page.


Random words from file. The code source file is scanned at random for whole words. Found words are played from start to finish.


Random characters from file. Characters are selected at random from the code source file. The program is smart enough not to send multiple spaces and other none Morse code characters.


Random paragraphs from file. Text is played sequentially from a line-feed until a second line feed or the file end is detected. The code source file is then scanned at random for another line feed and the process repeats.


Random characters from internal generator. The code source file is ignored and characters are generated internally.


Code sent window. This displays as text what code is being sent. Often, this display will be switched off to allow you to guess what is being sent. The hide control does just that..the text is still present, but hidden. The Clear button completely wipes the text from the Code sent window. If you want to save the window contents as a text file then click on the Save button.


Your typing window. This is where you type your code copy. NuCode can analyze what you have typed and determine your performance. Details of your performance can also be logged so that you can track your progress over time. Just like the Code sent window, typed text can be either hidden or removed completely.


Start. Click on this to start or restart code play after a pause. There is an optional 5 second count-down feature which gives you chance to get ready to start copying code after the Start button is clicked.


Stop. As expected, code is stopped when you click on this. In the case of a sequential reads from file the code starts at the beginning when you click on Start.


Pause. The code stops and clicking on Start resumes from the same place. In some program modes the program will pause to wait for you to catch up. If this happens then you can start the code again by pressing the space bar.


The Accuracy figure is “live”, in other words the figure changes every time you type into the typing window. This figure is based on a comparison between the Code sent window and your typing. This is not a character by character compare because such a simple method doesnt cope well with missing or extra characters. Instead, the program calculates how many editing changes would be required to make the two windows identical. This gives a more sensible assessment of how well you are doing with your copy.