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For the progress page to show meaningful information the Gather statistics box at the top of the page should be checked. Also, of course, the information is based on your typing in the Play code page and pencil/paper code copying sessions will not be recorded.


The progress page is where you can review your progress. The main feature is a bar chart that can display certain aspects of your performance in previous code sessions. The chart display selects what particular feature should be displayed. Click on any chart bar to show further details for that code session.


The Performance indicator focuses on your performance in a different way. It shows what characters you have learned so far and how well you are managing to guess those characters. The performance indicator also has another purpose. There is an option to set the internal random character generator to emphasize characters that you find difficult. The information that this feature uses is obtained from the Performance indicator. Note that the Performance indicator and the bar chart are independent. Information in either one can be cleared without affecting the other.