Use the code training features.

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NuCode has a set of interactive features to help you get your code up to speed with the minimum of fuss.


The most important and helpful feature is the Pause at end of words option on the options page. Here is how it works when enabled. After selecting your required lesson or file:



Click on Start


NuCode sends characters until it reaches a space and then pauses.


While code is being sent and while NuCode is paused you can type your code copy. As you type the accuracy figure compares your text with the sent text and gives you continuous feedback.


When you have caught up with your typing press the space bar. NuCode then will send the next group of characters and wait for you again.



You can continue steps 2,3,4 until you are ready to finish, then click on Stop.



Hints and tips:


You may want to type a “real” space without activating NuCode to send the next character group. To do this press <shift> while you press the space bar. A normal space will be inserted into your typed text and NuCode will stay paused.


To pause temporarily before NuCode does an automatic pause you can:


Click on the Pause button
Press the <Enter> key.
Press the <Pause> key.


To resume code after your pause press the space bar or click on Start..


NuCode supports type-ahead. This allows you to guess and type characters before they have actually been sent as code. If you type ahead in Pause at end of words mode NuCode will continue to send code until it has caught up and then will continue to send until it is one character group ahead of you before pausing. This means that you can get ahead or slip behind without your typing getting completely out of step with what NuCode is sending.