Learn Morse Code

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NuMorse is a "free style" Morse code program designed for flexibility. It does not tie you down to any particular training method. You can use any text files you wish as the source of your Morse code for practice purposes. However, a set of Lesson Files is included that will help you learn the code using the code learning method pioneered by the German psychologist Ludwig Koch . Used in sequence, these lesson files comprise a comprehensive code training course.


If you would prefer to simply work through a set of Morse Code lessons without worrying about details of files etc. then check out the NuCode program available from the Nu-Ware website.


See here for a note about Sending Morse code


Suggested plan.


1) Learn the basic "How to"  features of NuMorse. Try playing Morse code in various modes and at different speeds. Look through the "How to" sections in these help topics.


2) Decide on your Target speed and set your speed using the speed sliders:




Remember, the Lesson Files provided with NuMorse are designed specifically for the Koch method where you keep the speed constant for your entire learning experience, from the first lesson right through to the end.


3) Now you need to choose your lesson file. Select File\CodeFile from the main menu (or press Alt-F then O). I n the resulting file selection window locate the NuMorse Lessons folder and open file L01to start at the first lesson.


4) Make sure that the code source selector is set to "Random words from code source window" and that the speed is set correctly as explained above.




5) Click the start button. Try to copy the resulting code. This should be easy since there are quite a few on-screen indicators of what character is playing.


6) Switch these indicators off. There are small checkboxes next to them that toggle them on and off. Now try copying the code.


Uncheck these boxes.


7) Optionally, open the Typed text window and type into it as code is playing. If you do this you can see how well you did when you finish. Alternatively, open the Code Sent window to see what NuMorse sent and compare with what you copied. Investigate the code drill  and compare text features for other ways to get feedback on your performance.


8) When you are confident that you can reliably copy the characters in the lesson then go to back to step 3 and select the next Lesson File . You will probably want to switch the on-screen character indicators back on (See step 6) until you have gotten used to the new character to be learned. Remember, keep your speed constant throughout the lessons. As a rule of thumb, 90% correct copy or above would be a good target to aim for before moving to the next lesson.


9) When you get to the final Lesson File you will be able to reliably copy Morse code at your original chosen speed !