NuMorse Hot Keys

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NuMorse Hotkeys


Function keys are used from the main program window except F1 which brings up help from most windows.




Help,  Close help with alt+F4


Pop up character speed control with focus in numeric entry field. Finish with OK or Esc to Cancel.


Pop up text speed control with focus in numeric entry field. Finish with OK or Esc to Cancel.


Set sequential read from text source file


Set random words from text source file


Toggle through 400Hz, 800Hz, 1000Hz tones.


The remaining function keys are reserved for future use.


Other main window hot keys.


Start code play


Pause code play, retain file position


Stop code play, reset to start of file


Open the Keyboard Window, see note 1) below this table


Note 1) When the Keyboard Window is open any keys pressed are sounded as Morse code. To exit back to the main program press Alt+C


File menu hot keys

Alt-F then O

File menu, then open file selector for text files to play as code. Esc cancels file selector.

Alt-F then X

File menu., then exit from NuMorse


Tools menu hot keys

Alt-T then p

Program options, see note A below.

Alt-T then p


Alt-T then s


Alt-T then o

Compare sent code with typed copy


Windows menu hot keys

Alt-W then a

Arrange all open program windows

Alt-W then r

Display code source text

Alt-W then y

Display typed copy

Alt-W then e

Display code sent so far


Help menu hot keys

Alt-H then n

Show help contents

Alt-H then b

Show NuMorse About box. Enter licence code. Show details of licensed user.


Other hot keys.  The program options window contains seven (7) notebook tabs to give access to the following sections when these hotkeys are pressed:


Closes current window, returns to main program window. This works for all windows except main Window.


General program options, intro sound, help tips etc.


Code options, how and when code is displayed


Drill options, how the program responds to user typing if in drill mode


Code filter. A filter can be set up here to only allow specific characters, or categories of characters to be played.


Controls program audio and other output devices such as visual aids.


NuMorse can simulate QSOs. This window contains various QSO settings such as length.