Play code from the keyboard

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To access this feature click on the keyboard key:





The Keyboard Window will pop up. You can now press keys or left-mouse click on the keyboard image shown on the screen and the characters will be sounded as Morse code. If your typing is faster than the current Morse code speed then whatever you type will be queued up and played back at the correct speed. Characters typed and the code elements will all be displayed as normal in the main program window. Also, the usual speed and other controls will all be active as usual. You can even display flags semaphore etc. while typing from the keyboard. Of particular interest is that the hardware feature is active in this mode. This opens up possibilities for keying a transmitter via this feature.


The main features not available in this mode are Code play from other sources and the Code Test feature.


There are actually two alternative displays that are accessed via tabs at the top of the window. They both function in a similar way, click on characters or press keyboard keys to hear the Morse code for that character.


If the Record typing option is checked then NuMorse sends anything you type to the Text sent and Typed text windows.


The Stay on Top option causes the Keyboard Window to display in front of all other NuMorse windows that may be open.