Purchasing NuMorse

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Nu-Ware have entrusted you with this free trial. You must purchase NuMorse if you find it useful.


Click the Buy Now button. Your web browser will open and navigate to a license purchase page. Follow the instructions when you get there. A license code will be delivered to you by email.


Here is how to install your license code:


1) Open your email program and display the email with your license code.


2) Use your mouse to select (highlight)  the entire email message. If you cannot do that then make sure that the license code and your name is selected. Your email program instructions will explain how to select (highlight) email text.


3) Select Edit\Copy in your email program.


4) Start up NuMorse if it isn't already started.


Job done ! NuMorse will find the license code and convert itself to the fully licensed version with no operational restrictions and no reminder screens.  To check that the code worked, go to Help\About and you should see your name there.


Note: Your name and the code must be selected in step 2) above.