Settings, general

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The Default button is useful if you have been adjusting the settings and experimenting and want to get back to the original state when the program was first installed. Most program features and controls are restored to their original settings when NuMorse is restarted after this button is clicked.


The button labelled "Trouble" starts up the NuMorse troubleshooter feature. This lists various program settings and gathers information from your computer that could be useful to Nu-Ware when diagnosing problems. The list is intended to be copied to the Clipboard, pasted into an email message and sent to Nu-Ware. This list is all in plain text and contains no sensitive information. You can easily examine it before sending it.


Tip of the day. This switches the hints and tips feature on or off.


Play intro sound. This switches the musical "fanfare" that you hear when the program starts up.


The Show Filenames group determines how filenames are displayed in various places in NuMorse. The three settings work as follows:


Filename only: Any folder path information is omitted. This avoids cluttering up the filename displays but you need to keep a separate note of what folders you save your files to.


Filename with shortened path: The filename is shown together with a full or partial path display. If the overall display exceeds a certain length then part of it is removed and replaced by a "..." symbol to indicate the shortening. This is the default setting.


Filename with full path: The full path is shown if there is room available. If there is insufficient room then part of the display may be hidden. You may be able to mouse-scroll the hidden parts into view.