Settings, QSO

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NuMorse can generate simulated amateur radio conversations (QSOs). The messages are assembled from a bank of stock phrases using a flexible scripting system which you could modify for your own requirements. See the QSO reference help topic for details of the QSO scripting system.


The settings here control the length of the messages and what characters are used. The controls are fairly self-explanatory. You should leave the Characters in QSOs settings at the default unless you have a special reason for changing them. The default settings follow the US FCC requirements for Morse code tests which are:


All alphabetic characters.

All numeric characters.

The period, comma, question mark.

The following prosigns [AR], [SK], [BT], [DN]


That gives a total of 44 different characters. If the Characters in QSO are left at the default setting then all generated messages will always contain those characters.


The send VVV option causes a series of Vs to be sent before each message. This may be useful to allow you to prepare for the message about to be sent.