Do a code drill, NuMorse plays code while you type your guesses.

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There are two methods:


Method 1. NuMorse plays code and you try to keep up with it while  This method is best for those with previous code experience who can "type ahead" by anticipating words that are being sent.


Method 2. NuMorse plays a word, then waits for you to catch up. This method is better for beginners who need some thinking time. Type ahead is limited to the current word using this method.


You have a chance to see how well you did when using either method using the Compare text  feature, which is an integral part of the NuMorse drill feature.


For both methods set up the program to generate code as required. Here are some ways to do this:


Play code from a text file.

Play Random letters, numbers or punctuation.

Play a selection of letters at random.

Play a selection of common words, at random.


If you are serious about learning Morse code then the recommended procedure is to work through the supplied lessons. See the Learn Morse Code and Lesson files topics for more details.



Method 1, NuMorse doesn't wait.


Before clicking on Start open the Text Typed window. To do this press Alt+W, then y. Alternatively, click this  toolbar button.



As code plays type your guesses into the Text typed window. If you don't want to cheat then you will want to close the Source text window (if it is open) and any other on-screen clues. There are check boxes next to various NuMorse items that can be used to hide characters sent and so on. Unless you are experienced you will certainly have problems keeping up with the code and Method 2 will probably work better for you.


Click Stop to finish. NuMorse stores some statistics on your performance and you can now See how well you are doing.


Method 2, NuMorse waits for you.


Follow the steps in Method 1 but Check the Drill box before you click Start.




NuMorse will send code until it reaches the end of a word. Then it will pause. Type your guess into the Text typed window and then press the space bar. If your guess was correct then NuMorse will send the next word. If you made one or more mistakes then NuMorse can let you know immediately in various ways. The Settings, drill options control exactly how NuMorse responds to typing errors.


Note: NuMorse examines the last word in your typing when you press the space bar. You simply type the next word when you hear the code. You do not need to clear your previously typed words.


Just as in method 1, click Stop to finish. NuMorse stores some statistics on your performance and you can now See how well you are doing.