Take a test similar to the FCC tests.

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This is a confidence booster if you are preparing for an FCC code test.It allows you to do a simulated code test using a simulated QSO (amateur radio transmission). VECs might also be able to use this feature to set real tests.


1) Press Alt-T then s to open the test dialog or click on the toolbar button:





Note: this feature will not be available if code is already playing in the Main program window.


2) Select the length for the QSO You also have the option of using a pre-prepared text file for the code.


3) If the Print and Start buttons are grayed then click on Make to prepare a test. The buttons should now be enabled.


4) Select a countdown time if required. This gives you a brief pause between clicking the Start button and hearing the code.


5) If required, you can also specify an "end of test alarm" and a serial number which gets printed out on the test sheets. The serial number gets automatically incremented each time a test is taken but you can reset it to whatever value you choose.


6) Click the print button to print a sheet to write down your copy. Instructors can also print out a grading sheet with the sent text printed on it.


7) Get your pencil sharpened, click start and take your test !


You will see that the printed sheets contain notes for the student and instructor. The "Edit test instructions" control group allows you to customize the instructions to your own requirements.