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NuMorse has a whole raft of options that allow you to track your progress in learning the code. The two statistics groups are summarized here.


The Statistics group shows numbers of correctly typed responses compared with sent code for each of the characters. These statistics are gathered according to settings in the Statistics options group. By default, this is whenever the Stop button is pressed after code has been played. You can view these statistics by pressing Alt-T then t, or click on the histogram toolbar button.




The Compare text group compares what was sent with what you typed on a character by character basis and calculates a score. It also displays the status of each character...whether it was typed correctly, incorrectly or missed out altogether.  It attempts to be fair to you by lining up what you typed with what was sent, taking into account possible missing and extra characters in your typing. The Compare text window can be accessed by pressing Alt-T then o. You can also click the Compare toolbar button.



This feature will compare the last word typed with sent code or it will compare all of the text in the current code session. The Compare window is useful for seeing exactly which characters were mistyped and so NuMorse has options to pop up this window when you make errors during typing exercises. See Settings, drill options for details of how the Compare window can integrate into code drilling sessions to give valuable feedback.


Note: It is advisable to set up NuMorse to clear the Sent and Type windows on code start for drill sessions. If you do not do this your new score will be calculated based on what you typed in the most recent session plus all previous sessions.  The Settings, Code topic explains how to do this.


For further details of each feature follow these links:


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