Increase your code speed

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NuMorse has features that can help you increase your code speed by sending code that gradually increases in speed or even monitors your typing for errors and adjusts speed up and down.


1) Set up your required code source as outlined in the following help topics:

Play Random letters, numbers or punctuation.

Play a selection of common words, at random.


2) Press Alt-T then p or the program settings toolbar button:




3) Select the Code tab


4) In the Code Speed option group select Speed up or Speed adapt:




a) Speed up will slowly but surely increase the speed when code is played. You will see the speed control slider adjusting as the speed increases.


b) Speed adapt will speed up or slow down depending on how many errors you are making. If you make no errors then the speed will gradually increase. You can set how quickly and by how much the speed changes using the sensitivity and threshold controls. Experiment with the settings until you find a combination that suits you.


5) In the main program window click on Start in the usual way.


Don't forget to restore this setting to Constant when you are done.