Use NuMorse to key your rig

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If you are planning to control hardware from your PC then it is assumed that you know what you are doing. Nu-Ware takes no responsibility for consequential loss of, or damage to, your property as a result of using the NuMorse program.


It is possible to operate a transmitter, or any other device such as a flashing light, from a PC using NuMorse and via suitable interfacing hardware. Output via hardware ports was a feature of early Nu-Ware products but, due to certain security features in later Windows versions, became more difficult to implement. It is now back in NuMorse and should work with Windows XP and Windows 2000. It has not yet been tested under Vista.


A hardware output via the RS232 serial interface is also available and there should be no issues with this under any future versions of Windows.


1) Press Alt-T then p or the program settings toolbar button:




2) Select the Hardware tab to reveal the settings for Port and serial outputs. Here are further details of hardware interfacing using NuMorse.


Settings, hardware

Parallel interface

RS232 interface