Make MP3 recordings to play later.

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This feature allows you to generate MP3 files of recorded Morse code. You can also produce PCM audio files which can be burned to CD and played back on a normal (none MP3) CD player.


To generate an audio file:


1) Set up your required code source as outlined in the following help topics:

Play Random letters, numbers or punctuation.

Play a selection of common words, at random.


2) Press Alt-T then p or click the program settings button on the toolbar :




3) Select the Output tab.


4) In the Record Audio Files group check the Active box.


5) You can accept the default filename or select a different location by clicking on the file selector button next to the filename.


6) Click the compress button to specify the output file format. See the Settings, output help topic for further details of output file formats.


7) Click the Start button to record audio to the selected file while it is being played. As a reminder that audio is being generated you will see an extra icon like this:



After the file is generated you can send it to an MP3 player or burn it to a CD.