Play a selection of common words, at random.

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1) Press Alt-F followed by O, then select a text file containing common English words.  This loads the text into the Source text window ready to be played. Press OK after selection. A selection of useful English word files is included in the NuMorse package. Alternatively, any text (*.txt) file will be OK. Check your word processor instructions for details of how to save files as text.


2) Select "Play text from code source window" in the code source selector drop-down list.






4) Click the Start button to start playing code. Pause stops code temporarily, you can start again where you left off. Stop halts code and sets the position to the start of the text.



Code is always played from the Source text window. If you select a different code source, such as random numbers , the text in this window will be replaced. You will need to go to step 1) above to restore the text from the file. To view what characters are to be played click on the red toolbar button to display the source text.

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