Written tests

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This window allows you to set up and take tests similar to the FCC code tests. Note that when this window is open other program features are not accessible. Also, this window cannot be opened if code is already playing.


NuMorse generates text for the test automatically. The text is one side of a typical amateur radio communication between two stations. By default, it will contain all 44 characters as required by the FCC. To change the characters go to Settings, QSO and check the characters that must appear.


The Print test group:


These controls allow you to print out a sheet for the student to enter his/her code copy. A sheet containing the actual code sent is also available for marking purposes. If these controls are grayed out then a test is not available. Click on the Make button in the Test options group to generate a test.



Test options:


Click on the Make button to generate a new test.





The Start button begins code play after an optional countdown pause. To repeat the same test again click the start button again. To take a different test press the Make button, then the Start button.


The short QSO option generates a test of the type used in the 5 wpm US FCC tests. If you wish to practice with longer QSOs then select the long QSO option in Settings, QSO . Alternatively, you may wish to use your own text. To do this select the From Text file option and select a file to use.


NuMorse maintains a serial number count which is printed on printed sheets. You can reset or change the serial number if required.


Edit test instructions.


This group allows you to customize the text that appears on printed test sheets.