Add a new code character

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Add a Ñ character to the letters group.


Select Main Menu\Settings\Code Properties (or Ctrl+F6)

Use the drop-down Character selection list to select Ñ

In the Code string for character editor replace the existing code with - - .- -


We will map “n” to the new Ñ character. To the right of the Mapped from button is a character selection list. Select n in this list to map from n to Ñ


The new Ñ character needs to be added to the letters group. To do this go to the letter n by clicking on the mapped from button. Scroll the “This character in” control and check the Alpha check box.


You need to specify how frequently the new character should be generated. Set the Language weighting for the letter n to a none zero value such as 10.


The new Ñ character can now be used like any other code character except that you press n on the keyboard whenever you enter it into the program.