Getting started

Getting started

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If this is your first time here then Welcome to NuMorse Pro.


Complete beginners...


If your aim is to learn the code then the First Steps feature is a good place to start. This is a series of lessons that will help you learn the Morse code characters. When you have worked your way through the lessons the other features of NuMorse Pro will then help you build up your speed in preparation for your code test. You might also like to read through the Learning Morse Code help topic for some hints and tips on learning the code.


You know the code but want to brush up your skills...


The Code Play feature gives you access to the many features designed to get you up to speed. You can play code from a variety of sources by selecting an input device of your choice. These sources can be internal to NuMorse Pro or they can be external files. Of particular value are the QSO and Call sign generators which allow you to copy code that is similar to code you would hear on the amateur bands. In fact, NuMorse Pro can even add some QSB and QRN for a touch of extra realism! The Increasing your code speed help topic gives some suggestions for getting your speed up.


Users of NuMorse 1.x...


NuMorse Professional bears a superficial resemblance to NuMorse 1.x, but dont be fooled. It is a completely rewritten program with many important differences and new features. The Code Play feature is a good place to start exploring NuMorse Professional. This displays an interface which should be familiar to you and it operates in a similar way to the original NuMorse program so you should have little trouble in getting started. However, the underlying program is completely rewritten and there are MANY extra features to explore. Take a look at the Forms and Commands help topic if you would like to read about some of these features.


Code instructors...


I have included a Written tests feature that will allow students to administer self-tests.  I hope this will act as a confidence booster. You may find that the Written Test feature could be used for administering code tests. I have tried to make this feature flexible and configurable so that you can "tweak" it to suit your requirements. Which brings me back to the First Steps feature. Many instructors have definite views on the best method to teach code. As shipped, the teaching method used in the First Steps feature will not please everyone. However, it is highly configurable and I hope that you will be able to set it up to suit your own particular teaching methods. An example of an alternative teaching approach (the Koch method) will be found in the First Steps module if you select the Koch profile on program startup.



Try exploring NuMorse Pro. Open up each option, click on help and read what the controls do.