Analyze word error

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If NuMorse Pro is set up to check your typing after one or more words have been sent then this form will be displayed when you make an error. Please see the Drill Settings help topic for details of how to select word or character error checking.


Code sent display.

The word(s) sent by NuMorse Pro are shown in black.


Responses display

The characters in your response are color coded as shown in the Color key panel. Missing (blue) characters will only be displayed if you have set NuMorse Pro not to wait for your responses to catch up.


Auto close

This feature allows you to view a mistake and then continue without having to manually close the error analysis box. After a predetermined time the box will automatically close and you may continue with the drill session. A slider control indicates time left while the timer setting allows you to adjust the auto-close time to a period comfortable for you.


Continue button.

Closes the error display and continues with the drill session.


Stop button.

Closes the error display and stops the current drill session.