Auto Speed

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The Auto Speed feature allows NuMorse Pro to vary sent code speed during a code session.


Auto Speed check box

This is the master switch that turns the feature on or off. A similar switch in the Code Speed control panel has the same function.


Increase speed every nn seconds.

When playing code the speed increases by 1 wpm at the time interval you specify if this control is active. The speed increase timer is suspended when you are viewing an error analysis window. This is available in both Play and Drill modes. You can choose whether to increase overall code speed or to periodically decrease the length of pauses between characters when using Farnsworth code.


Count words or characters.


If this feature is active then NuMorse Pro monitors your performance and increases or decreases code speed depending on how many errors you make. The increase and decrease rates can be adjusted to suit your learning pace using the controls described below. This is available in Drill mode only.


The Decrease speed every xxx slider controls the rate at which code slows down when you make mistakes in copying code.


The Increase speed every xxx slider control does the opposite. It counts how much error free text you have typed and slightly increases code speed every xxx error free words.


What counts as an error depends on whether drilling is in character or word mode. If in Drill word mode then a misspelled word is counted as one error even though several characters may be incorrect or missing. You can see if words or characters are being counted by looking at the label next to the Increase speed slider.


If you move the Decrease speed every xxx slider fully to the right (maximum) then it will become inactive and code speed will slowly increase regardless of how many errors you make.