Code Information

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View\Code Information Ctrl+I


This is an active quick reference chart that allows you to see and hear Morse code for any selected character.


As you drag your mouse over the chart the selected character and code elements are shown just below the chart.


Left mouse click to hear the code sound


Right mouse click to go to Code properties page for the character.


Show FCC characters

This shows the characters used in FCC code tests.


Show all characters

This shows all of the characters used by NuMorse. Not all of the characters are valid morse code characters. Many of the none Morse code characters have the “error” sequence of eight dots associated with them. You can assign your own code elements to any NuMorse Pro character in the Code properties page.


Some characters may be grayed. This means that the current filter settings have excluded these characters from being played in a code session. You can, however, still left-click on them to hear the code sound.