Drill Settings

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Settings\Drill settings Shift+F6


A NuMorse Pro Drill session is a period when NuMorse Pro sends text and waits for you to respond via the keyboard. The Drill Settings control panel determines:


When and how NuMorse Pro checks your keyboard input

What happens when you mistype

What happens after you have mistyped.



When and how NuMorse Pro checks your keyboard input

(The check user keypresses group)

Every character sent

NuMorse Pro sends each code character and then waits for you to type a character. The character is then checked.

Every nn words sent

NuMorse Pro sends a group of characters (a word) before checking your input. If nn is greater than 1 then a number of groups (words) is sent before NuMorse Pro starts checking.


Enable Smart Spaces.

Morse code does not have a space character and when you are taking the code test you will not be expected to explicitly type or write space characters. So why should you have to do this when practicing at the computer? NuMorse Pro offers a way to relieve you of the chore of having to type spaces during code copy. The SmartSpaces(tm) algorithm tries to add spaces to your typed input in the correct places. All you have to do is copy characters as you hear them without having to remember to depress the space bar. If you would rather use conventional typing then simply disable the SmartSpaces(tm) feature.


Wait for user to catch up.

If the Wait for user feature is enabled then NuMorse Pro will pause at the end of each character or word ( depending on other drill settings) until you have caught up before checking your typing.


What happens when you mistype

(The Action when errors detected group)


Repeat code just played, up to nn times. This option is fairly self-explanatory. You get further chances to make a better guess after hearing the code repeated.


Play sound name. By default this plays a “no-no” sound if checked and you make a mistake. Select an alternative sound from the available sound list if you wish.


Play speech phonetic for character. On error the international phonetic for the mistyped character is spoken. An example of an international phonetic is “Alpha” for the letter “A”. This feature is only available when drilling character by character.


Show error characters or words.

A small window will be displayed showing details of your mistake. In fact, there are two distinct error analysis displays. One for word drilling and one for character drilling. See the Word Analyze and Character Analyze help topics for more details.


What happens after you have mistyped.

(The After error group.)


Two options are available:

Stop drilling

The drill session ends.

Restart drilling after nn seconds

After a predetermined pause (which can be zero) the next character or word will be sent.


Type ahead in NuMorse

In the case of normal text you may be able to guess how the current word ends and NuMorse Pro allows you to type ahead of the current character. You can type ahead as far as you want and if SmartSpaces(tm) is enabled NuMorse Pro will attempt to insert spaces that you have forgotten. If you make mistakes or miss out characters then NuMorse Pro may remove your typed ahead text following the first mistake. Because of this it is best not to type too far ahead unless you are confident in your code copying and typing.