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Settings\General preferences F6


The preferences controls are all fairly self-explanatory.


Show splash screen on startup

NuMorse Pro startup time is not affected by this option.


Play intro on startup

Again, startup time is not affected when an audio file is played on startup. This option is useful for giving an indication that your system sound is set up OK before starting to play code.


Show tool tips


Convert input to upper case.

All alphabetic Morse code characters are upper case. In NuMorse Pro code drilling the lower case characters are treated as different from their upper case counterparts and will therefore be treated as mistyped characters. The reason for treating lower case characters separately is that they can be used as supplemental characters if you need them. Most people will need to use uppercase for inputting characters so this option is checked by default.



Allow Docking.

This switches the NuMorse Pro form docking system on or off.


Use 'Dah-Dit' for code elements.

Many code teachers prefer to refer to code elements using 'Dah' and 'dit' sounds rather than 'dots' and 'dashes'. The reason is that 'dah' and 'dit' sounds are a closer match to the sounds of the code and this helps students to build up a correct character-to-sound association rather than trying to 'see' the code dot-dash elements. This feature controls the representation of code elements in certain NuMorse pro features.


Clear code history on session startup

When code is playing the keyboard window records the last few characters sent. This option simply clears previous contents when you press the Drill or Play buttons.


Advanced soundboard options.

These options are provided to allow operation using a variety of different operating systems and soundboards. The default settings work on most systems. If your code output sounds OK then leave these settings alone.



Reset soundboard on code stop

This option causes NuMorse Pro to abruptly switch off code output as soon as a code stop button is pressed. If you would like the current character to finish after a stop button then Uncheck this option.


Reset soundboard on code pause

This works like the above option, except that it does the reset whenever the code pauses. An example of this is when an audible error message is to be sent during code drilling. This is checked by default.  You may hear clunks and clicks every time code output is paused, if so then try unchecking this option. If this option is unchecked then you may get some error messages, especially when using very slow code.


Close wave out device when pausing

This option causes the soundboard to be temporarily released by the program whenever code pauses. As soon as code resumes the soundboard is placed under control of NuMorse Pro. This option must be checked when running under Windows 2000 or NT. Under other operating systems you can try unchecking this option to reduce the amount of clicking when code is playing.