QSO settings

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QSO Generator\QSO settings Ctrl+Q


Characters that will always appear in QSOs

This check box list allows you to specify which characters will always be present in generated QSOs. The program was developed using the 43 characters specified for the US FCC code tests as follows:


The letters A..Z

The numbers 0..9

The period, the comma, the question mark.

The prosigns AR SK BT DN


You may change these default settings but the QSO generator may not always be able to produce QSOs containing all of the characters required especially when generating short QSOs. If this happens an error message will appear.


Make a test QSO button

This allows you to see the output of the NuMorse Pro QSO generator. Normally the QSO is sent to the Code Source window for code play but when testing the QSO text is sent to the test display area instead.


QSO type selection

This allows you to select from three types of QSO:


Length is around 200 characters and gives about six minutes of copy at 5 wpm.


Length is around 400 characters and gives six minutes of copy at 13 wpm


Length is about 650 characters and provides about six minutes of copy at 20 wpm.