Select Input Device

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Input and Output\SelectInputDevice Shift+F4


Here is a list of available input devices (code sources) and a summary of how each one works. For some of the code sources the characters are sent to the Code Source window before being read by NuMorse. If you have the Code Source window open while playing code then you can watch the cursor moving through the characters as they are read. You can manually move the cursor around using mouse clicks to direct NuMorse Pro to read from specific parts of the text.


Text file.

Characters are read from a designated text file. They can be read in normal sequence or selected at random from the input file. To make NuMorse Pro select file words at random go to the File Window Options control panel and select Randomize. There are three ways to select a code source file:


Go to the File Window Options control panel and click on Browse for the code source file.
Open the Code Source Window and select File Open.
From the main menu go to File\Select code source


Random characters.

Random characters are generated according to the settings in the Character Filters control panel. When the characters are generated they are sent to the Code Source Window as a block, the size of the block is always just sufficient to fill the window. Then NuMorse Pro reads them out as code one character at a time. When a block has been sent the NuMorse Pro Random character generator sends another block of characters.


From keyboard.

In this mode whatever you type gets converted to Morse code. For this feature to work the NuMorse Pro Keyboard form or the User Keypresses form must have the input focus. Just click on either of these windows before starting to type.


QSO generator.

QSOs are generated and sent as code. To adjust the QSO size go to the QSO settings control panel.


Callsign generator.

US callsigns are generated and sent as code. The Call sign generator control panel allows you to customize callsigns. You could set up NuMorse Pro to generate international callsigns if you know the correct format and rules for the countries of interest.