Stored sounds

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Input and Output\Sounds Ctrl+F5


There are several places in NuMorse Pro where you can choose sounds from a list of available sounds. This control panel lets you add new sounds or remove sounds from the list.


Play Sound button

This plays the selected sound.


Add button

A file open dialog is displayed. Choose a .wav file to add. The list name is derived from the filename with the .wav file extension removed.


Important note:

You should add sounds that have been compressed using one of the audio file compression utilities supplied with Windows. The preferred compression method is GSM 6.10.


Here is one way to compress an audio file:

Start up your Windows Sound Recorder accessory

Open the audio file to compress

Select File\Save as

Click on the Change button

In the Format list select GSM 6.10 then OK

Click Save and exit from Sound Recorder

You can now add the compressed audio file to the NuMorse Pro sound list.


Remove button

Permanently removes the selected sound from the list