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Play\Code Speed Shift+Ctrl+F7


The Code Speed window is where text and character speed can be adjusted. You might find it convenient to dock this form next to the keyboard when you are copying code. Code speeds are given in WPM and three main adjustments are provided.


The top slider controls the length of the elements making up each code character. This is known as the character speed. All code speeds in NuMorse Pro are based on sending the standard PARIS character string. (see the Calibration help topic for more information)


The middle slider controls the amount of extra space inserted between characters and affects the overall text speed. If no extra space is inserted then character speed and text speed are the same and the resulting code is standard Morse code. If space is inserted then the “stretched” code is known as Farnsworth code. Many people consider that Farnsworth code is easier to read for people learning the code and in many countries Amateur Radio code tests are set using Farnsworth code.


The slowest overall (text) speed that NuMorse Pro can send is 2 wpm. If a character-text slider combination results in a speed slower than this then one or both sliders will be automatically adjusted. Maximum NuMorse Pro code speed is 50 wpm.


The bottom slider controls the insertion of extra spaces between words. The number of extra inserted spaces is shown to the right of the slider.


The overall code speed uses the character speed and adjusts this depending on the setting of the other two sliders. The indicated speed is quite accurate when no extra pauses or spaces are inserted into the code stream. If the space between characters is lengthened (Farnsworth code) then the overall speed indication is moderately accurate over the mid range of the character speed slider. It is less accurate at very high and very low speeds.


If extra word pauses are inserted then the overall speed indication is an estimate based on the standard PARIS code string. When sending other text the accuracy will be highly dependant on the content of the text being sent.


You may store and recall up to three sets of speeds using the Store and Recall keys combined with the memory button above them.


The Autospeed checkbox can be checked to switch on the NuMorse Pro Autospeed feature. For more details of this see the Autospeed help topic.