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Settings\Thermometer Shift+Ctrl+F6


This control panel affects the function of the “Thermometer” display in the Play Keyboard display


Thermometer functions group

The on-screen performance thermometer has three different display modes:

Session timer

During a timed session the red region will indicate how much time remains before session end.

Response time indicator

The faster you respond the lower the temperature. The displayed “temperature” is always relative to your slowest response during the current session.

Accuracy indicator

The more accurate your keypresses the higher the “temperature”.



Timer setting slider

This is where you specify session time when the thermometer is functioning as a session timer.


Thermometer active check box

This is a master switch that enables or disables all thermometer display functions.


Time up sound check box

If you want an alarm to sound at the end of a timed session then check this box.


Sound list

The sound list allows you to choose which time out sound should be played. The selection here is also used in the written test alarm timer.