Getting started
How to pay for NuMorse Pro
Block schematic of NuMorse Pro
How to...
Check out NuMorse
Learn Morse code
Increase your speed
Take a test
Play code from your own files
Select what characters to practice
Review your performance
Change the way characters sound or look
Add your own special code characters
Hook up to a code oscillator or transmitter
Practice reading QSOs
Use NuMorse Pro for teaching code
Record an audio file
Store and recall different program settings
View a record of code sent and keys pressed
Check the accuracy of code speed
Play only random letters.
Play a selected character group at random
Play letters X Y Z at random (1)
Emphasize difficult characters
play code from a text file
Play random words from a file.
Play random letters from a file
Use VA instead of SK
Replace $ with AS
Play letters X Y Z at random (2)
Using the Koch method
One minute of solid copy
Record an audio file
NuMorse Pro forms
Forms, menus and commands
User Profiles
Choose a Code Source File
Code source form
Code sent form
Responses form
File Window Options control panel
Performance Statistics
Code Information sheet
First Steps lessons
Code play
Filters control panel
Speed control panel
Auto Speed control panel
Calibration form
General Preferences
Code properties control panel
Drill Settings control panel
Thermometer control panel
Input and output
Select Input Device control panel
Select Output Device control panel
Sound Board control panel
Sound list
QSO Generator
QSO Options control panel
Callsigns control panel
Written tests
Written Tests control panel
Written Test Options control panel
Other forms
About Box
Edit Find
Edit Replace
Analyze word errors
Analyze character errors
Store a Lesson
First Steps score display
Semaphore display
Add a Profile Item
Time Up display
Choose a Code Sent File
Choose a Code Responses File
Analyze characters

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