Using NuMorse Pro for teaching code

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The NuMorse Pro First Steps feature incorporates a set of lessons to help students learn the code characters before graduating on to the more advanced sections of NuMorse. These lessons can be added to or altered to compliment your own teaching methods. By default the First Steps feature uses a Mnemonic method augmented by simple graphics to help students associated a code sound with each character. You can change these mnemonic phrases or switch them off completely if you prefer. If you wish to rewrite the lessons then you can use the limited built-in editing features of the NuMorse Pro lesson display or use any word processor followed by copy and paste. The lesson display uses the Ctrl+Ins key combination for the paste from clipboard operation.


The Take a test and Written tests help topics explain how to produce tests and test materials from NuMorse. Here are some extra notes to help you get the best from NuMorse Pro as a teaching aid.


All aspects of the test materials can be customized. To customize an individual test you can directly edit the test with any text editor or use a NuMorse Pro file window as an editor.


To customize the appearance of all generated tests you can edit the headings that are written at the top of each type of test sheet via the Written tests options control panel.


You can keep track of several sets of students performance records. This is described in the User Profiles help topic.


Dont forget that NuMorse Pro can play text files produced by other software such as word processors. You might consider setting up a directory of code lessons based on text files.


NuMorse Pro can produce audio files. These files can be copied to CDROM for subsequent replay on audio equipment or via Windows built-in multimedia accessories. Students with limited computer skills might find this more straightforward than using the NuMorse Pro application.