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NuMorse and NuMorse Pro under other operating systems.

The Nu-Ware products were all developed and tested under various versions of Windows, including Windows 10. I sometimes get requests for versions running under alternative operating systems but don't have the time/resources to offer them. However, some users of NuMorse and NuMorse Pro have found workarounds. Please note that I'm just passing on information here, I have not tried them myself.
NuMorse Professional This has been successfully run via Wine on a iMac running OS X El Capitan. Sorry I don't have more details. If you have more information then please let me know and I will post them here.

NuMorse As sent by a user:

Here's how to install NuMorse 2 in Wine 1.8 running on PC-BSD 10.3/XFCE or Fedora 23/XFCE.  PC--BSD is a spinoff of FreeBSD, so this should work on FreeBSD 10.3 as well. It will probably work on any other flavor of BSD or Linux as long as Wine will run 32-bit Windows programs. Please note that some operating systems, such as Centos7, use a version of Wine that runs only 64-bit Windows programs and so this will not work as NuMorse 2 is a 32 bit program..


Install Wine using the OS package manager.

Download NuMorse 2, unzip the file, right click on the setup.exe program and invoke the Wine Installer.

During the installation, if asked, install both Wine Mono and Wine Gecko.

Accept the installation defaults, and allow the installer to place an icon on the desktop to run NuMorse 2.

The program should now run as it would under Windows.
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