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Which Morse code trainer is best for me?

Here are a few notes to help you decide which Nu-Ware Morse code trainer best suits your needs. Consult the information page for each program for specific details and features. Also, you may find this feature list useful. Don't forget, if yo want you can download them all and try them out for yourself before deciding which is the right one for you.
NuMorse Professional

For enthusiasts.

An all singing-all dancing raft of Morse code goodies with many rich features to explore. If you are an enthusiast, radio amateur, or want want to explore the world of Morse code then this program may be your best choice. Beginners who simply want to learn Morse code might find the wealth of features somewhat overwhelming. Works with W2000/XP//Vista/Windows 10


The middle road.

Intermediate between the feature rich NuMorse Professional and the lean and mean NuCode but with some extra unique features thrown in. For those who want to learn Morse code there is a set of lessons similar to the ones in NuCode. The difference is that you have more control. Where NuCode automatically takes you through the lessons, in NuMorse you load the provided lesson files yourself when you are ready to advance through the course. Some unique goodies include: Hardware support under XP, Win 2000 and Vista via the serial and parallel ports. A system that grades your typing just like a human would and some cool flags and semaphore output options are also new in this version of NuMorse. Works with Win 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 10


For beginners.

A no nonsense Morse code program for complete beginners, including aspiring Radio Amateurs. No setting up is required, just install the program and start learning code with this training course. When you finish the built-in course you will be able to receive code at 5 WPM (Words per minute) and then make use of other program features to increase your speed to 20 wpm. NuCode is not just a training course, though. It will also translate your own text files to Morse code and has a number of other useful features aimed at making you competent at receiving Morse code. Works with W2000/XP/Vista/Windows 10


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