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File\User profile Ctrl+U


User profiles are groups of program settings which are stored in separate folders. This feature allows you to select whole groups of program settings at start up. In fact, the normal program settings of NuMorse are stored as a user profile called "Default". The profile settings are stored in folders beginning "NPD" Thus, the Default settings are in NPDDefault.



When you click on this button you will be asked to enter a new user profile name. When the new name is entered a new data directory is created for the new user where program settings and other information is stored. The new data directory is initialized with data from the currently selected profile.


Example: You select a new user named “John”. NuMorse Pro creates a new directory called NPDJohn and copies certain data from the current user directory into it.


The following information is unique to each user name:


Code properties settings

The NuMorse Pro desktop settings...position and size of all open forms.

The contents of the file windows

A log of previous performance

The lessons and other information used in the First Steps feature.

Most program control settings.

The First Steps lesson data.



Use this to remove a user profile that is not needed. You cannot remove the “Default” user profile.


To make another user profile your default.

Copy the contents of your required profiles folder to the NPDDefault folder. (But back up the existing contents first!)