Written Test Options

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Written tests\Options Ctrl+Alt+T


This is a supplementary set of controls that allows certain Written tests features to be altered.


The text edit area.

This is where selected text that appears on printed test sheets can be altered. Most of the usual text editing features are available .


Select text to edit

Here is where you select one the printed test sheets to edit.


Test options

This is a group of miscellaneous options affecting how tests are displayed.

Auto save test

Causes the current test to be saved whenever a new test is generated using the current serial number which is then incremented.

Show test in edit window

This displays the code as text while it is being played. Use this feature to gain confidence in taking practice tests.

Show code progress

Displays a progress bar at the top of the Written tests options form while code is playing.

Count down to code start

When the Start Test button is clicked an optional delay of ten seconds will occur before code play starts if this option is checked.

Sound alarm after XX minutes YY seconds.

Controls the written test alarm timer.